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Fundraising Ideas for Animal Lovers

Every season of the year presents lots of reasons to hold parties and other events.  Why not turn your gathering of friends and loved ones into a lifesaving effort for animals?  Or, let your customers know that you support a wonderful cause?

Check out these ideas:

  • Celebrate your wedding, birthday or other special milestone by suggesting charitable donations as a gift option.

  • Business owners - hold a special shopping day or event where a portion of sales benefits Hi Tor Animal Care Center.

  • Business owners - create an ongoing affinity or "shop to give" promotion.

  • Hold a yard sale or car wash to benefit the pets in our care.

  • Have a Jeans/Dress Down day at the office and request that employees make a donation to participate.

  • Host a neighborhood or block party and accept donations.

  • Work with local bands to organize a concert and donate the cover charge.

  • Organize a bake or crafts sale, lemonade stand or other sale and contribute the proceeds.

  • Register to participate in a walk, marathon or other event to raise money on behalf of the animals in our care.

  • Host a golf or other sports tournament.

  • Sell items on eBay and designate Hi Tor Animal Care Center to receive all or a portion of the proceeds.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • We request that corporate sponsorship solicitations to cover the cost of putting on your fundraiser not be made in our name or on our behalf.

  • We will need to review all materials that include the Hi Tor Animal Care Center name or logo.  Please e-mail items to Sharon Needelman at for approval.

  • When mentioning our name in print or on air, please use – Hi Tor Animal Care Center.

  • Checks should be made out to Hi Tor Animal Care Center. 

  • Our tax ID number is 23-7148054.

  • Donations may be mailed to us or brought to the shelter. If you let us know you're coming we'd love to say hello.  Just call us at (845) 354-7900.

  • All donations to Hi Tor Animal Care Center support the animals in our care.

Tips for a successful event (courtesy of The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia):

  • Choose a Good Planning Committee.  Enlist enthusiastic people whose dedication and skills will make your event a success.  Involve enough volunteers to share the workload.

  • Brainstorm!  Get everybody thinking, dreaming, and discussing ideas.  Now is the time to let imaginations soar.  The more they participate now, the more committed they’ll be later.

  • Choose the Right Event. Decide on just the right event/promotion/fund-raiser that best utilizes the unique pool of talent, skill and interests of your particular group. 

  • Identify Your Target Audience.  Who do you want to participate in the event? Does it include public participation or is it geared to members of a specific organization?

  • Schedule Your Event.  Pick a date and time for your event carefully to encourage maximum participation. Unless your event is holiday-related, steer away from major holidays to ensure best response. Most of all, give yourself plenty of time to organize, publicize and guarantee greater success with less headaches.

  • Plan Your Budget. By identifying and planning for expenses and income sources in advance, you will maximize donations by keeping event costs down. 

  • Promote and Publicize Your Event.  Publicize early!  Get the word out every way you can. TV, radio, newspaper and magazines often provide free public service time and ad space.  But don’t forget flyers, posters, community bulletin boards, e-mails, and good old word-of-mouth.  

  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  Recognize and acknowledge everyone who participates!  Let them know how much they raised and heap on the praise. This can lead to the event becoming an annual undertaking, which generates donations for years to come.

  • Have fun and take lots pictures and send them to us to post on our website!

  • For more information about hosting a fundraiser to benefit homeless pets, please e-mail Sharon at Thanks for your support!

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