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Hi Tor Kids

Are You A Kid Who Loves Animals? 

Youth Program Brochure

We get emails from kids like you all the time at  Hi Tor wanting to help our homeless animals! At Hi Tor, you need to be at least 16 to handle and pet cats and 18 to handle and pet dogs. But, there are a lot of other ways you can help! We at Hi Tor are inspired by your compassion for animals and even though you can not work with animals (YET!) you can affect the lives of these pets!

Ways you can help Hi Tor on your own

Fundraiser means holding an event that you will donate money to Hi Tor. Some kinds of fundraisers that are good for kids are:

  • Bake Sales (school bakes sales tend to be bigger but, you need to ask teacher permission)

  • Car Washes

  • Penny Collections all the kids in your troop or school can talk to your parents to see if they have spare change, go through the couches, chairs, washer and dryer! Then you put all your money together and voila! You group can even collect coffee cans and decorate them to leave them in classrooms or ask other organizations...just remember where you left them!

  • Donate a Dollar find your lucky number and have everyone donate that amount. $1 or $5!

Hold a fundraiser

Organize a wish list supply drive 

Did you know that our shelter runs a lot on donation of supplies? The shelter works on a little funding but, it's not nearly enough to keep everything going. So we rely on our awesome community to help us out with supplies. Stores, companies and individual people hold supply drives and donate supplies. You can do this too! Make sure you get your parent's permission first. Then you can get your school, scout troop, church group or friends to donate supplies the shelter needs.

  • Ask permission

  • Get a box

  • Find a collection spot

  • Set a date that all supplies will need to be added to the box

  • Pick up the box

  • Have your parents bring you to the shelter

  • Make sure you take a photo with the staff, give them your name and what group you collected them with

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