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Become a sponsor, help give our animals a second chance
Our sponsorship program is a budget friendly way to be a partner in saving the lives of animals. Sponsorship assures 
a steady stream of funding for care and medical needs. The shelter relies heavily on the donations of our wonderful community to care for our county's homeless pets. Sponsorship gives you the peace of mind that you are helping give these animals the true chance they deserve. 
$10.00 a month will provide kong for a dog
$25.00 a month helps pay for kitten formula
$50.00 a month helps pay for a spay/neuter of a kitten or adult cat.
$100.00 a month a month a month helps pay for a spay/neuter for a puppy or adult dog
$250.00 + a month helps fund surgeries and lifesaving medical needs
Use the dropdown PayPal Button to the right to sponsor items for homeless animals

Ursula had been diagnosed with a very rare condition called Sialocele (a fluid filled salivary gland). Our vet had drained the cyst but it continued to return therefore, surgery was the only option. 

Ursula needed a very complicated and expensive surgery called Ranula Marsupialization. Thanks to generous donations from our community Ursuala was given the surgery she very much needed. Ursula is now able to eat, drink and be a normal kitty cat. Sponsorships like these, help to ensure our animals are cared for in the ways they need. Help us give our animals the chances they deserve.

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