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Orangetown Abandons Animal Shelter

The Town of Orangetown has terminated its agreement with the County of Rockland to use Hi-Tor Animal Shelter, Rockland County’s ONLY No-Kill Animal Shelter, to rescue their homeless animals.  


Orangetown’s Town Supervisor, Teresa Kenny and the rest of the Town Board approved a contract with the Hudson Valley Humane Society, unbeknownst to most of the residents of Orangetown. Orangetown’s Board made this decision without ever visiting Hi-Tor, without ever considering the needs of their constituents, and without ever caring about the homeless animals in their Town.    


Hi-Tor cares about and for ALL animals! Our dedicated staff and volunteers work tirelessly to care for all of the lost dogs and cats, rabbits, and even lizards of Rockland County.  


We encourage you to contact your Town Supervisor to voice your discontent on this issue. We encourage you to do your due diligence regarding any shelter or rescue before you surrender your animal.  We encourage you to ask any shelter or rescue their euthanasia policy before you surrender your animal.  We encourage you to ask how the number of animals that are surrendered to Hi-Tor every year will be taken care of if they don't go to Hi-Tor.


Hi-Tor is committed to servicing the homeless animals of Rockland County and we will continue to do so. 


Help Hi-Tor by contacting the Town Supervisors and make your voice count!  Make sure they know that Hi-Tor provides an invaluable service to the homeless animals of Rockland County.  Click below to send the Town Supervisors an email to support Hi-Tor!

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