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Pet Memorials

In remembrance of the pets who made our lives whole.  To add your pet to our memorial gallery please send a high resolution photo and description of your pet to  Your pet does not have to be from Hi Tor to have him/her posted.

Bailey, 2003-2014

Bailey was his mommy's baby, best friend, and little angel. Words cannot express how much she misses him.  He will be loved always and forever.

Kitty, May 2013-October 2013

This sweet boy was on this planet for just a short time but left pawprints all over his family's hearts.  Rest well sweet baby.

Badger, 18 yrs. old

Adopted from Hi Tor many years ago, his dad Robert wrote, "A wonderful Jack Russell who taught me more about myself than I ever knew.  I miss you Badger!"

Max, 2012

Max was a beloved bunny who lived a short but happy life with his family.

Misty, 2004-2014

Misty was adopted from Hi Tor in 2010.  She was the sweetest cat and her mom misses her very much.

“MAGGIE” Moo Bears

April 6, 2001 -  October 19, 2012

Zack, 8/26/13

This handsome Rottie-Shepherd mix was adopted from Hi Tor in August 2004.  His dad Jamie told us, "I miss him very much and was the best friend I ever had."

Pepper, 9/11/97 - 6/5/05

Buffy, 1/2/99 - 1/8/14

Pepper (l) and Buffy (r) were the best of friends. Buffy was adopted from Hi Tor in 2002 and she is dearly missed by her mom.

Jenna, 1995-2012

Jenna's dad says it was she who found him while he was living in San Diego.  He went to the local Humane Society and that’s when she picked him to be her dad.  We think she made a great choice.

Pagliaccio, 2008-2013

Loved dearly by his human mom Elyse,

"He was the sweetest cat I've ever known."

CC, 1997-2011

When CC was adopted from Hi Tor at 5 years of age his owners knew they found a best friend for life.  CC became the love of their lives, and they miss him every single day.

Max, 2015

Max was adopted from Hi Tor Shelter

in 2007. He was great. Love him forever, Larry.

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