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Dear Rockland County Animal Lovers,


Hi Tor Animal Care Center has proudly served the community for half a century. In that time, we have secured forever homes for over 50,000 animals in need. Our all-volunteer board and tireless staff works 365 days a year - through rain, snow, hurricanes and pandemics - to ensure we are able to care for every animal that shows up on our doorstep.

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Being a no-kill shelter with an open-door policy is not easy. We depend heavily on the county for the majority of our budget. But as the decades pass and the number of animals in need of care grows exponentially, we have relied increasingly on community-based donations to help feed, medicate and care for the surplus of needy animals.


And yet - despite every effort, years of donated time, holidays away from family, sweat, blood & tears - WE HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO SECURE A NEW LEASE FROM THE COUNTY STARTING JAN 1, 2023.


We have always believed it is our duty to help provide a better tomorrow for those most vulnerable in our critter community (the senior surrender, the runaway, the abused, the stray). If you feel the same way, PLEASE CONSIDER HELPING!


Our top priority is finding safe & loving homes for the 250+ animals currently in our care. Starting January 1, aside from forcing us to shutter our doors, there is no county plan in place to address the needs of these animals. THEY WILL END UP ON THE STREET. 


Click here to see a list of animals in need of adoption, as well as the required forms / applications. 


Looking forward, Hi Tor is committed to continuing down the path we started on back in 1973. We are currently working to assess any/all options that would allow us to carry on the work we all feel called to. The where and the how are up in the air. The who and the why, are not.


Green Eyed Cat
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