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Success Stories

Meet some of the happy faces that were adopted from Hi Tor Animal Care Center.  To add your pet please email  Thank you!

Dusty's mom came all the way from Rhode Island to adopt him after seeing a photo of him on our website.  She said she knew he was the one for her and says he is the sweetest bunny ever!


Timber was adopted through a Pet Smart adoption event. She is doing great!

Rosco & Roxanne (formerly Skipper & Rose) are living happily together in their forever home!

Scrappy and Tucker, both Hi Tor grads, love to cuddle and play and make their family smile every day!


Bailey is a fetch-playing, purring 24/7, super cuddly princess who was adopted through our foster program in August 2013.


Buddy relaxing on the couch!

Jackson (formerly Beethoven) manning his post as protector of the house and king of the trampolines!


Maddie pictured celebrating the 4th of July! Her family just loves her!

Nucky (formerly Toby) was adopted in early 2012. He is a very smart cat who loves relaxing on his back, but don't touch his belly!


This sweet, loving little boy is Ben! He was adopted in September 2013 and he is enjoying his new home with his doggie sisters!

Ralphie is a Maltese who was adopted in the summer of 2012 and has quickly become a cherished family pet who is loved by many!


One eyed Jack, adopted in February 2013


Sophie was adopted from Hi-Tor in 2010. She's challenging but she makes her mom laugh every single day.


Samson, formally known as Pumpkin, adopted 2 years ago.

Tony was adopted in 2011 and was the best decision ever!! He's a mush and is adored!


Oliver was adopted in December 2010. Today he is a spoiled, free range bunny who loves eating green veggies and binkying out of joy randomly!

Athena loves lounging on her throne!


Ninja, Dash & Frosty are siblings who were adopted in September 2012.  They love bird watching!

Waffles & Romeo were adopted in October 2012. They are very affectionate and love to cuddle and groom each other.

Riley was adopted about six years ago when she was only about 6 weeks old. Her family couldn't ask for a better dog!


Chloe, 14 yrs. old


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